Executive Orders: The President’s Misguided Attempt to Appeal to Libertarians

Like in 2016, the major party candidates for President are not widely appealing to the American people. Many voters have taken to exploring third party options, a noble pursuit in my humble opinion. This exodus from the major parties havae caused not only a fair bit of tension among the President’s campaign but also aContinue reading “Executive Orders: The President’s Misguided Attempt to Appeal to Libertarians”

#LetHerSpeak: The Story of Bipartisan Voter Supression

Yesterday, Libertarians across 130 cities staged a national protest in support of a recently trending movement: #LetHerSpeak. This may have been something you saw on your Facebook feed or potentially heard on some news channels, but you probably don’t know what it means. You may have some basic knowledge, but probably don’t know the fullContinue reading “#LetHerSpeak: The Story of Bipartisan Voter Supression”

Policy Breakdown: Joe Biden on Guns

I have a pestering suspicion that most people don’t actually care about the policies their presidential candidate proposes. They fall in love with a face or a personality, and commit to voting for them, changing their principles to match. This is how we wind up with bad presidents. Sacrifice your values to service the higherContinue reading “Policy Breakdown: Joe Biden on Guns”

Stimulus Checks, Pandemics, and Bubble Economies

A lot of the things I write come at the wrong time. I don’t plan for my stuff to connect with the news, congressional cycles, or pop culture. Most of the time, I just see a Tweet or a Facebook comment and get going, so it’s a nice change of pace, when I can doContinue reading “Stimulus Checks, Pandemics, and Bubble Economies”

The Threat of Mail-In Ballots

Here’s a shocker. The President of the United States tweeted something stupid today. If there’s anything that can create some nonpartisanship, it would be the agreement that he does that alot. What’s not a point of agreement is acknowledging exactly which tweets are stupid. Do not fear, I am here to enlighten you. Bright andContinue reading “The Threat of Mail-In Ballots”

The Partisan Militant and the Fear Factor

Considering my degree in Political Science and the fact that I’ve been fighting about politics since I was able to tie my shoes, many people, incorrectly assume, that Presidential election years are my two favorite events of the decade. They are not. I hate it. Presidential election years are the absolute worst time for anyoneContinue reading “The Partisan Militant and the Fear Factor”

An Inconvenient Truth about Essential Workers

One need not search far to find the subject of the current wave of internet populism. It’s rare to find bipartisanship in the dark whole of Twitter replies; however, on occasion, unity can occur. Unfortunately, this unity is rarely based on reason, and the current illogical flavor of the week is extra pay for essentialContinue reading “An Inconvenient Truth about Essential Workers”

Capitalism is not Your Problem; Your Government Is

I get out of bed every morning at 5:30. Nature calls and I head down stairs for a cup of coffee. Within the first 15 minutes of my morning, I get my first “news” notification about an article raging against the rigged capitalist system of the United States. Even in the dazed state of theContinue reading “Capitalism is not Your Problem; Your Government Is”