The Final Debate: Expectations and Predictions

Tonight, Thursday October 22, is the night of the final presidential debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. After several weeks of recovery from the first debate’s train wreck, these two terrible candidates for president are getting back on the stage to bring more disgrace and shame to our once greatContinue reading “The Final Debate: Expectations and Predictions”

Breonna Taylor, The Rule of Law, and John Locke

There are two names in the title. If you don’t know the first one, you must have been living under a rock for the past year. Breonna Taylor was an unarmed woman, who was shot to death by police serving a warrant that was not issued for her. Her death in conjunction with that ofContinue reading “Breonna Taylor, The Rule of Law, and John Locke”

Negative Generalizations of Trump Supporters Needs to End, if We’re Going to Move Forward

We’re getting very close. Election Day is slightly more than two weeks away, and Joe Biden is the media front runner to be the next president. We’ve seen this before, but let’s imagine they’re right. Biden wins and every thing goes back to normal, right? The Republican Party goes back being the party of boringContinue reading “Negative Generalizations of Trump Supporters Needs to End, if We’re Going to Move Forward”

President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis is Going to Have an Impact on Things

Every once and a while, the news doesn’t lend itself to opinions, and creates an opportunity to make fact based projections. While some will choose to bicker over whether or not we should care that the President has contracted coronavirus, it is the responsibility of the media to present the possible outcomes of the PresidentContinue reading “President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis is Going to Have an Impact on Things”

The Media is Babying Trump

There is an epidemic of memes that make the claim that Chris Wallace was unfair to President Trump during the first debate. The prevailing theory among conservatives is that Wallace interrupted President Trump as much as possible, and didn’t give him a chance to make his points. It seems as though the Trump Train isContinue reading “The Media is Babying Trump”

The First Presidential Debate: A Disgrace that Should Shock No-One

There are few times where 3rd party voters get to take a victory lap and say “I told you so“. Unfortunately, those times usually come when the outlook for our country is at it’s most bleak. It would be hard to find anyone that left last nights debate with warm fuzzy feelings. The performance ofContinue reading “The First Presidential Debate: A Disgrace that Should Shock No-One”

The Non-Partisan Totally Unbiased Debate Drinking Game

Start with two full drinks. Down 1 whole drink when the moderator welcomes the candidates, and immediately pour out the other drink in reverence to all of the oppressed third party candidates, who were objectively better than these two. Then follow these rules: 1) Drink every time a candidate speaks over the moderator 2) DrinkContinue reading “The Non-Partisan Totally Unbiased Debate Drinking Game”