Predictions for the First Presidential Debate

If you didn’t know, there is a debate tonight. Two of the 3 candidates with 50 state ballot access will stand on national TV and make a fool of themselves. Call me bitter all you want, but I’m not wrong. Even with the devolution of our political discourse, presidential debates are fun. So, without furtherContinue reading “Predictions for the First Presidential Debate”

Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a Victim; He’s a Criminal

This article may be considered by some to be a bit late, but it’s important to acquire as much information as possible before making a judgement. Two days after the arrest, I feel as though I have enough evidence to comment on the situation in Wisconsin.  On Wednesday, Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested in connection toContinue reading “Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t a Victim; He’s a Criminal”

“Buy American”: The United States’ Antiquated Views on How Economies Work

I hate populist slogans. They’re a cheap attempt by politicians to simplify complex issues into 2-10 words. Why? They think American’s aren’t smart enough to understand the nuance of everyday political issues, so instead they throw catch phrases at you. Schools spend little time teaching civics and economics, which creates clusters of politically illiterate people.Continue reading ““Buy American”: The United States’ Antiquated Views on How Economies Work”

Stop Using Tragedies to Make Political Points

I saw a post about a Covid truther, who later contracted the disease and died. The general theme of the post was to let that be a warning to everyone speaking out against precaution. It didn’t take long for internet psychos to claim he deserved what he got. Fast forward a couple weeks later, IContinue reading “Stop Using Tragedies to Make Political Points”

The Bigger Threat Behind the Postal Service Scandal

At this point you’ve seen the “save the post office” memes, so I don’t think I need to explain the situation. Basically, President Trump has chosen the Post Office as the next battle in the war over mail-in ballots. As of the past two months or so, mail-in ballots have become a sore subject onContinue reading “The Bigger Threat Behind the Postal Service Scandal”

Social Security: The Lies They Told

What if I told you that one of the most impactful pieces of legislation in American history was all a scam? What if I told you that the man regarded as America’s third greatest President of all time was actually one of its worst? Of all my controversial views, my opinion on Social Security andContinue reading “Social Security: The Lies They Told”

What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Republican?

What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Republican? Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, and it is. Fair warning, you probably aren’t going to laugh.  When I was in highschool, my history teacher spent an entire class explaining the philosophy of the Federalist Party. The Federalist Party was a strong believer inContinue reading “What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Republican?”

Presidential Policy Analysis: Trump on Guns

In the second iteration of my series on Presidential policies, We’re going to tackle president Trump’s Stance on gun rights and gun violence. We picked a part of Biden’s policy, it’s only fair to do it for President Trump. For the previous article, I used Joe Biden’s website as a source, where he has allContinue reading “Presidential Policy Analysis: Trump on Guns”

Voting Strategy: How You Should Use Your Vote

Being an advocate of Third Party Voting, I am no stranger to my fair share of criticism toward my voting strategy. In fact, in this chaotic world, it’s the only constant I can count on. I think it was Ben Franklin who said “Nothing is certain except for death and internet trolls”… or something likeContinue reading “Voting Strategy: How You Should Use Your Vote”