Civil Nonsense

The national dialogue has been monopolized by two voices. Two voices that force over 300 million Americans to choose a side. They want you to compromise your values and your soul to serve the greater cause of silencing anyone who doesn’t conform to their party line. Civil Nonsense is a small page devoted to political criticism that will expose the corruption of the modern party system, and advance the cause of liberty and justice for all.

Civil Nonsense is a very small operation, but has hopes of rapid expansion. We are committed to regularly bringing high quality content, information, and opinions that you will not receive from school, government, or media. In order to spread our message, we need support from our readers and audience. The more support we get, the more people we can reach, and the more content we can provide. Please consider helping out:

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Civil Nonsense is a passion project, but it takes time, effort, and money to spread the message. If you think the message here is worth spreading, please consider contributing.


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