Voter Fraud In the 2020 Election

I am not a professional. I am not famous. I have no influence. I average 10 views on my articles, and that has always been fine with me. I don’t do this for money or attention, but if there was ever a time where I hoped what I write goes viral; it’s now. I don’t know where to begin. I can’t think of a clever opener or a sarcastic remark. So, I’ll start here. What’s going on in the country is troubling. The results of our most important election are coming into question, and our civilization has separated into two dogmatic cults. Since this is the atmosphere we live in, I think it is important to preface this by saying I am neither Democrat or Republican. I voted for neither President Trump or Joe Biden. I have no personal stock in the results of the election. My candidate lost.

With that said, I think it’s important to say a few things about the Voter Fraud allegations. I hope that this will shed some light on the situation.

First, this was completely predictable. Any one without a party influence knew a confrontation like this would be coming soon. The past 30-80 years have been building to this very conflict.

Second, there is, most likely, no massive attempt at voter fraud. The explanations for Trump’s late count drop follow a consistent logical thought process. Democrats voted using mail-in ballots more than Republicans. The remaining votes are coming in states, where mail-in ballots are counted last. The ballots are coming from traditionally blue counties. All of this adds up to a clear late election surge for Joe Biden. Unless there is clear and undeniable evidence of massive voter fraud, we must accept the results of the final voter count.

Third, What you are seeing play out on a national stage is a result of years of democrat/republican collusion to control election. I have said this many times in the past; Democrats and Republicans favor predictability. Gerrymandering, restricted ballot access to third parties, and low voter turnout also favor predictability. It is no coincidence that our system is set up to achieve those three things. The major parties have had an unwritten agreement to maintain the flawed two party system for decades. If or when that system is disrupted, the vote would do chaotic and unpredictable things.

That is what’s happening right now. The Democrats finally decided to default on their agreement, so that they can defeat Donald Trump. They flooded the system (not fraudulently) with mail in ballots. They opened up voting access to millions of people across the country, who did not typically have it. They introduced disorder into the system, because they knew the upside would favor them. This wasn’t illegal; it was just strategy. That’s the dirty world of politics we’ve created.

For multiple decades, 40-60% of Americans refused to vote in the most important elections of our nation. When that trend is disrupted; the nation will be disrupted. For years, the politicians in our Federal government have been manipulating the system behind the curtains, and this is the result. Tradition red states will flip, polls and predictions will be inaccurate, things will seem shady. I don’t blame people for coming to the conclusion that they did. To the untrained eye, there is a lot of room for skepticism; however, skepticism must end where information and fact begin.

Now, President Trump will call for recounts and file lawsuits with the courts, which is his right to do. It is our responsibility to let that happen. If there is credible evidence of voter fraud, the courts will decide on it. What we need in the meantime is civility and transparency. President Trump needs to provide the evidence that he claims to have . This isn’t a partisan view. The burden of proof is always on the accuser, and that proof must come from legitimate sources. A youtube video of a guy with a blurred face and chopped voice or a misinformed tweet from a legitimate Alt-Right nut do not count. We need data, figures, and video that point to electoral malpractice. Over anything else, we need to accept what the courts decide and what the people have decided.

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