The Final Debate: Expectations and Predictions

Tonight, Thursday October 22, is the night of the final presidential debate between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. After several weeks of recovery from the first debate’s train wreck, these two terrible candidates for president are getting back on the stage to bring more disgrace and shame to our once great nation.

With the election less than two weeks away, the stakes for this debate are at an all time high, and the winner of could be the next President of the United States. So, what should you expect going in:

1) Thursday Night Football ratings will take a hit.

The Eagles are playing the Giants tonight, in what is set to be a historically terrible NFC East matchup. I think that the news will, for once, be seen as more important than professional sports. If you’re looking for better entertainment that will include controlled violence, there’s a good chance Biden cold-cocks the President after he says something about Hunter smoking crack.

2) The same question dodging we’ve gotten throughout the whole campaign.

Trump won’t give honest answers about coronavirus, Biden won’t give honest answers about the Green New Deal. The press will continue to ask about it, because it fills time and makes people angry.

3) Trump will dial back.

The aggression hasn’t been working. He looked like a lunatic in the first debate, and he looked like a defensive criminal during the “Dueling Town Halls”. The aggression needs to be turned down a lot. The base may like it, but the fringe that he’s trying to win over does not.

4) Biden may take the cuffs off.

A physical fight would be fun to see, but unlikely. We’ve all been waiting to see 2012 Joe Biden come back. After he got a handful of what Trump has to offer, he may start letting the verbal fists fly. I am convinced that there is still a bit of the old Joe Biden left in him. If there is, he needs to come out tonight.

5) Not a single question will threaten the candidates voter base.

Not a single reporter has asked Trump about his runaway deficit. No one will press on Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill, or all of the racist things he has said on tape. I have explained time and time again that the mainstream media benefits from the status quo. They will try to appear tough on the candidates, but they won’t be.

6) Someone’s getting muted and it’s gonna be awesome.

Listen, we’ve been waiting for this. The commission finally gave the moderator the power to shut off a candidates mic, and the moderator is hopefully going to wield that power like Thor weilds Storm Breaker. Tomorrow, I will not complain about unfairly applying the mute button. Both of these guys have it coming, and if you’re a third party guy like me; you’ve been waiting years to see these guys shut the hell up. My money for the first mute is on President Trump, which might be the end of the debate entirely, and life as we know it.

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