Negative Generalizations of Trump Supporters Needs to End, if We’re Going to Move Forward

We’re getting very close. Election Day is slightly more than two weeks away, and Joe Biden is the media front runner to be the next president. We’ve seen this before, but let’s imagine they’re right. Biden wins and every thing goes back to normal, right? The Republican Party goes back being the party of boring white guys and the Democrats stay the party of minorities, progressives, and American Labor. As comforting a thought as that may be to some, it does not reflect the reality of the situation. Trump voters and supporters are now a political constant, and can not be ignored.

The Trump presidency, for better or worse depending on your political views, has changed the landscape permanently. It would take a fool to not realize that the political atmosphere is drastically different than before. Although the President didn’t win the popular vote in 2016 and likely will not win the popular vote again, becoming President still requires a large amount of support.

In 2016, President Trump received more than 45% of the popular vote. Nearly 63 million people liked him enough to vote for him, and he took home 304 Electoral College votes. Yet, Democrats and their ilk want to act like this is just a flash in the pan. They believe, or they at least appear to believe, that once Trump is gone, the people that supported him will also disappear. They choose to believe that Trump was the cause, instead of the symptom, and refuse to acknowledge that there are large swarms of people, who identify with his message.

Now, I want to be clear. I was not one of those people. The fact that I have to constantly clarify that I am not a Trump supporter to have any hopes of being taken seriously is a disgrace, but here we are. I am not a Trump supporter, but I am also not foolish enough to ignore that the voices who lifted him to power will not dissipate once he has left. Parts of his message have rallied the silent majority into no longer staying silent.

The mainline democrats, although they would never openly admit it, like to heavily imply that Trump’s winning message was one of racism. It’s a convenient line to use in a tough spot. When their constituents press for answers on how they lost an easy election, They can shrug their shoulders and say “people are just racist I guess”. While, I will not deny that the Trump Presidency has emboldened white supremacy groups in the United States, claiming that it makes up his base is about as credible as claiming the entire Democrat party is controlled by Antifa. We all know Trump supporters, their mostly normal guys that go to work and watch Sunday football. So, what message is the message that stands out?

In order to understand the Trump base, you have to understand how he won in 2016. While Clinton’s strategy held the party line set by those before her, Trump did something new. He attacked the Democrat base. He went after the American working man. See, it may come as a shock to people on the East and West coast, but things in the middle of the country aren’t always bright and sunny. When we talk about the loss of manufacturing jobs, we’re usually talking about those fly over states. Those fly over states were the reason we got Trump.

Traditionally, Michigan and Wisconsin voted blue because of labor unions; however, they have been the red headed step child of the Democrat party during the 21st century. Modern democrats turned their backs on the blue collar world, in favor of drumming up far left sentiment in urban population centers. They assumed that their once unbreakable base would never falter. They turned their back on the working man and the working man fought back. The same can be said to a lesser degree about Ohio, Iowa, And Pennsylvania.

The working man got Trump elected, because he promised jobs. They voted for him because he was the only major party candidate in the last 20 years to actually acknowledge their pain. Now, there is a heavy argument to be made that he has hurt them more than he’s helped. I can’t argue with that, and I won’t. I’ve been more critical of Trump’s economy than most liberals. But what can’t be argued is the fact that these people and their problems can no longer be ignored, and that the Democrats bare the majority of blame for the past four years.

The middle class is hurting. The economy is bad and has been for a long time. People on Main Street are taking the hit of an irresponsible and greedy government, and they are starting to lash out. The Democrats like to paint all Trump supporters as being some combination of greedy and racist idiots. They like to pretend that they are the obvious, intelligent, and moral choice. That’s not true. The blue party’s hands are as soaked in blood as the right. If we are to move forward, we need to acknowledge these people as stakeholders in our country and hear their voices.

Win or lose Donald Trump and Joe Biden will still be a member of an elite class of people, who are unaffected by the negative impact their policies have made. They remain oblivious to the plight of the middle class, and always will. We are the ones that need to move forward and learn to live with each other. Let’s start by not trivializing all Trump supporters as deplorable.

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