President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis is Going to Have an Impact on Things

Every once and a while, the news doesn’t lend itself to opinions, and creates an opportunity to make fact based projections. While some will choose to bicker over whether or not we should care that the President has contracted coronavirus, it is the responsibility of the media to present the possible outcomes of the President and First Lady’s positive test. Wether you like it or you think it’s distasteful, everything that occurs in the White House affects the entire world. It is important to understand the possible blowback.

1) The Stock Market will Take a Hit

There is one rule of the stock market that you don’t need a finance degree to understand. The market does not like instability. The President of the free world becoming the victim of the pandemic creates a lot of instability in the system, which will likely cause stocks to take a temporary dip. Couple this with the typical dip during elections, the stock market could go down fairly significantly. Do not panic. Unless the case gets worse, the market should recover just fine.

2) His Chances of Re-election are Worse

Whether you like him or not, you have to accept that the illness will hurt his re-election chances in a big way. The President is already significantly down in the polls, and needs to make up ground. Submitting to a two week quarantine means he cannot campaign. The election is slightly more than a month a way. This will hurt him, big time! Recovery will take him off of the campaign trail, and, depending on the severity of the case, he will likely look sickly after. That’s not going to bode well heading into November.

3) Next Weeks Debate is Going to be Cancelled.

Unless they decide to do it on zoom, Wednesday’s town hall will be cancelled. Both candidates are at high risk due to age. There’s no possibility of an in person debate, and to be honest, that’s probably fine. Libertarian Jo Jorgensen will likely plan an event to fill that gap. If you’re looking for content, look into that.

4) The Media will be stuck to Pence Like Glue

We need to face the reality of the situation. Coronavirus is a deadly disease, especially for the elderly. While he may not seem it, The President is old and at high risk. If anything were to happen to him, Vice President Pence would likely be one of the first to know. The media will be on his tail the whole time, and they should be. It may seem tasteless, but this is what you give up when your President. No one should wish something like this on anyone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for it.

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