The Media is Babying Trump

There is an epidemic of memes that make the claim that Chris Wallace was unfair to President Trump during the first debate. The prevailing theory among conservatives is that Wallace interrupted President Trump as much as possible, and didn’t give him a chance to make his points. It seems as though the Trump Train is jumping further and further of the tracks of the truth, ignoring what is directly in front of their eyes to create a narrative that makes them feel better about the President’s performance.

Claiming media bias is a common tactic in the playbook of both Republicans and Democrats. When damaging news hits the cycle, it’s much more convenient to deny its credibility than handling and reacting to the issue. Trump isn’t the founder of this strategy, but he’s certainly the greatest to ever use it. The only problem is it’s not true. The media does not have a bias against Donald Trump; contrarily, they baby him like a little boy who got cut from the baseball team.

Take the debate as an example. Is there anyone in the world that can look at me with a straight face and say that Trump was the one that was treated unfairly. Trump was the victim? You have to be joking. Ignoring the below the belt shots at Joe Biden’s family, Trump steamrolled both the moderator and his opponent like a spoiled young child stomping his feet and screaming “look at me”. What was the reaction from Chris Wallace? Nothing, nothing at all. Sure, he asked him to stop interrupting, but it never got further than a friendly request. No mics were cut and no punishments were dealt out. Being the President does not mean everyone has to listen to you. The truth is that the media gave Donald Trump free range to do whatever he wanted on that debate stage.

That’s not enough? How about the questions that were asked? They didn’t necessarily push on any of the President’s weak spots. They didn’t probe into any of his philosophical inconsistencies. Instead, Wallace chose to go for the easy layups that would allow him to appeal to his base. Supreme Court nominations, law and order, his tax returns are all easy topics for the President to handle. They don’t require any high level knowledge or understanding of the issues, and they pose little risk to the President. His base doesn’t care about the rushed Supreme Court nomination, and they certainly don’t care about his tax returns, and the media knows it.

At no point did Wallace ask about anything remotely challenging like the fact that the President has nearly increased the deficit more in 4 years than Obama did in 8 years. He didn’t question the President on abandoning the Second Amendment in favor of red flag laws. There was mention of the wall never being built, nor was there any peep of the troops not coming home. Pressing the President on these matters would potentially cause his base to question him, and the potential of the Trump base questioning Trump is a threat to the status quo.

The media does not want the fighting to end. The media does not want peace and unity to arise. When things are peaceful and politics is on the back burner, people watch sitcoms instead of Fox News and CNN, and the demand for “journalists” goes down. Does the media love Trump? No. Do they want him to win? It depends on the channel you watch. However, only fool would ignore the obvious benefit that media gets from having a person like Donald Trump in office. The past four years the eyes have been on them in a way they never before. It would be silly for them to give it all up for the sake of the nation.

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