The First Presidential Debate: A Disgrace that Should Shock No-One

There are few times where 3rd party voters get to take a victory lap and say “I told you so“. Unfortunately, those times usually come when the outlook for our country is at it’s most bleak. It would be hard to find anyone that left last nights debate with warm fuzzy feelings. The performance of our two most popular candidates was the kind that cause people to move to the mountains and reject modernity. Marked by poor moderating and a President with a record setting ego, last nights debate was exactly what we all knew it was going to be: Rock Bottom.

If you didn’t know, our political processes are a joke. If you’re still on the fence about that, then I suggest you rewatch that debate. We have completely abandoned any semblance of reason and civility in this nation, and at this point, can no longer expect any productivity to come from the future debates. So, who takes the blame?

1) Donald Trump

This is pretty obvious. He refused to abide by the structure of the debate rules, and is the immediate reason last night devolved into chaos. The man is a reality TV star, who is at his most comfortable when the camera is on him. He has shown before that he doesn’t really care about the norms of the political world, and his base tends to eat it up when he does this stuff. The only problem this time is that his base isn’t big enough to win the election. He’s trailing in the polls and desperately needed to gain ground. I think he did the opposite last night, coming off as a lune and an ass.

2) The Democratic Party

Joe Biden was a world class debater 8 years ago. Even if you don’t like his politics, you can’t deny that he was damn good on stage. Now, the man is 77 years old. When you get to your 70s, a couple years makes all of the difference in the world. While he is probably not senile like conservatives claim, there is no doubt that he has slowed down a step. The Democratic Party could have put one of their young “stars” on the ticket this year, but they didn’t. The country does not want what the Democrat youth is shilling, which would have lead to an easy Trump victory. The party got into bed with extremists and are paying the price. So are we.

3) Main Stream Media

The media does indeed have a bias, but it’s not as simple as left and right. The media biases and benefits from the status quo. When politicians are fighting, their ratings go up. When things are stable and safe, their ratings go down. They treat politicians with kid gloves and never press them for answers. They are privy to the all to poignant truth, which is that the more a politician is forced to explain himself; the more he exposes himself. The media does not want to expose the truth about politicians being corrupt cowards, because they fuel their ratings and salaries by the disunion it causes.

4) The Commission on Presidential Debates

This is the organization that makes the rules for our debates. Their soul purpose is to prop up the two party system and keep third party alternatives out of the public eye. The CPD calls themselves non-partisan but is run by an even split of Republicans and Democrats, who use their power to benefit Republicans and Democrats. They’re the reason that the debates are moderated by spineless reporters and that the mics never get cut. Disunion between the American people supports the two party system, and the CPD loves the two part system.

5) Us

Ultimately, we have the right to vote and choose our government. Time and time again, we choose not to get rid of the trash in the system. We need to take responsibility for what is happening to our country, and stop standing idly by when people we agree with abuse the system. As important it is to hold politicians accountable, it is equally important to hold ourselves accountable. There were party options in Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard that would have broken the mold, but we passed, because it was too risky. There are third party options that would completely revolutionize our government, but we pass because it’s too risky. Our elections are becoming completely delegitimized. We have an abysmal voter turnout, the American people are getting more and more detached from their government, and faith in democracy and liberty are at an all time low. It’s time to take some risks with our votes! Stop going for the win, and start going for what is right! When we play their game; we become complicit in their game, and complicit in the system that brought us this sorry excuse for an election.

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