The Non-Partisan Totally Unbiased Debate Drinking Game

Start with two full drinks. Down 1 whole drink when the moderator welcomes the candidates, and immediately pour out the other drink in reverence to all of the oppressed third party candidates, who were objectively better than these two. Then follow these rules:

1) Drink every time a candidate speaks over the moderator

2) Drink every time the moderator asks an obviously biased or inflammatory question

3) Drink every time Joe Biden takes credit for a Barak Obama policy

4) Drink every time Trump denies a fact

5) Drink every time a candidate mentions a big government program

6) If a candidate mentions a policy that violates the constitution, the first person to cite the article or amendment, gets to make a rule

7) If someone request to change the channel because the current channel is biased, they become the drink fetcher and are now responsible for making sure everyone has a drink at all time. Punishment for an empty glass, bottle, can, or cup is determined by a simple majority of the group.

8) The owner of the house should provide a dunce cap. If anyone openly cheers when a candidate makes a point, they should be forced to stand in the corner with the dunce cap on.

9) If debating on the Joe Rogan podcast is mentioned, the game is over.

10) Finish the case, keg, bottle or box once you’ve given up all hope. Then go to bed and prepare to move all liquid assets to an off shore account

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