Predictions for the First Presidential Debate

If you didn’t know, there is a debate tonight. Two of the 3 candidates with 50 state ballot access will stand on national TV and make a fool of themselves. Call me bitter all you want, but I’m not wrong. Even with the devolution of our political discourse, presidential debates are fun. So, without further monologuing, here are my top 5 predictions for tonight’s circus.

1) Minimum Policy Conversations

If you’re a fence sitter who is waiting for a strong debate to make up your mind, well, tonight’s not your night. I’m fact this month, may not be your month. While these two candidates do have specific positions, policy has not been the focus of this campaign. Personality is the name of the game now a days with one candidate running on the platform of “I am Donald Trump” and the other on the basis of “I am NOT Donald Trump”. Don’t expect to get much clarification on what these guys stand for tonight. Expect character attacks and bickering. Drama drives ratings, so the moderators will add fuel to the fire.

2) Donald Trump will come out swinging.

It’s no secret that Trump is down in the polls. If you happen to be one of the people who is not infatuated with the man, then you may have noticed he’s starting to get a little desperate. His claim that former Vice President Biden is a rampant drug user is insane to say the least, and most likely an attempt to provide a defense if he gets beaten up tonight. The President needs to make up ground if he wants to have a shot on Election Day. The only way to do that is to swing recklessly like Rocky Balboa. Trump is best when he is on offense. Expect very little civility. Reasonable conversation is not what this guy does best. Look for the Don to push buttons early on.

3) Joe won’t be sleeping tonight.

Joe Biden may have lost a step since 2012, which is reasonable considering the man was the union carpenter on the Arc. However, that’s not a reason to take him lightly. He may be old, but Joe Biden is probably the best debaters since Reagan! I am not, never was, and never will be a Democrat, but, as a former debater, Joe Biden’s pure skill is admirable. I’m still convinced that the “Oh now your Jack Kennedy” line is what won Obama a second term. He’ll be playing it safe this time around, and will lean on moral grandstanding and good timing. To His detriment, Biden has a temper and has lost control himself numerous times during the campaign. If put under enough pressure from Trump, he may break and show his true colors, which are that he thinks he’s better than you.

4) The debate will get out of control quickly.

This shouldn’t be a shock. Can anyone remember a debate in the last 6 years that didn’t devolve into a screaming match? Politics has no class, and the egos on stage are bigger than the whole in the ozone layer. Don’t watch for an education, watch for the entertainment.

5) It will be all scare tactics and virtue signaling

This last point is really important. Like I said, you are not going to hear any policy from these guys. What your going to hear is “if you don’t vote for me, the world will end” or “if you agree with this guy your a bad person”. That’s what this whole election has been about. Republicans and democrats no longer have policies they just have strategies. They don’t care about right and wrong. They care about winning. This election’s winning strategy? Make the people feel scared and guilty.

Final Thoughts

This election is a joke, and this debate is going to be a joke. The candidates running under the major two parties aren’t leaders they’re conmen, trying to sell you miracle tonic from their horse drawn wagon. Relatives and old classmates are going to flood your Facebook feed with their “insights” on who won and lost. Let me save you the trouble, the politicians will win and the American people, as always, will lose. If you go into this expecting reason you will lose your sanity. My advice for you is set your bar low and enjoy it for what it is: Theatre. If that fact bothers you than use the time you would spend on this debate to look up some other options.

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