The Bigger Threat Behind the Postal Service Scandal

At this point you’ve seen the “save the post office” memes, so I don’t think I need to explain the situation. Basically, President Trump has chosen the Post Office as the next battle in the war over mail-in ballots. As of the past two months or so, mail-in ballots have become a sore subject on the internet. Democrats believe we should not force people to leave their house to vote during a pandemic. Republicans are claiming that mail-in ballots open the country to fraud. The objective truth is that voting through the post office will not lead to more fraud, but will lead to democrats voting in the election, causing another “Blue Wave”. The thought of the President is that if the post office is poorly funded; they will experience delays, not only causing people to distrust their postal worker with their ballot but also potentially delaying the delivery of these ballots past their due date. 

To put it simply, this is election tampering, which is nothing new. The two parties are no stranger to election tampering. It happens every time, but that’s a topic for another day. For the time being, the American people should be concerned with not letting Trump and the Republicans get away with this. This is an extremely urgent matter and needs to be handled promptly; however, moving forward, we need to understand and address the flaws that allow for such a basic service to be corrupted into a system of massive electoral fraud. The scary truth is that the post office reveals a severely uncomfortable reality about how we’ve chosen to be governed.

As it stands today, the post office is the only mail currier that has the legal ability to transport mail-in ballots. Done to limit the number of unsavory hands touching election results, the ballots can never be held by private corporations like Fed-Ex and UPS. As much as a stickler I am for government power, this kind of makes sense. Corporations have their own agenda and could use that power to corrupt the results. Unfortunately, this applies to the government as well. Because the Executive Branch is so unfathomably powerful, all powers delegated to the federal government can later be used by the President to manipulate the republic for personal gain. 

What’s the scariest thing about this whole situation? Everything Trump is doing is completely legal. Notice how no one has taken it to the Supreme Court. The United States Post Office is under the control of the Executive Branch. We’ve turned the power of the transportation of information over to the bureaucracy, and the bureaucracy works for the President. When writing the laws, if the Congress doesn’t foresee the potential abuse of the power they are granting, then there is no legal resource to stop it. 

In the interest of total transparency, I don’t know what to do about this particular injustice. Should we turn it over to private companies or are we going to have the hit on this one? I have no answer. What I do know is that this is not a new phenomenon. This didn’t start with Donald Trump. Presidents have been abusing the knowledge of the FBI for years. Barack Obama used the IRS to target conservative non-profits. Every person, who has been faced with the temptation of absolute power,  has submitted to it. Yet, we are all still so willing to funnel power into the President’s pockets. 

What happens when the President decides to use his unprecedented and unchecked military power on civilians? What if we give the office control over the nation’s healthcare system? Do you want a guy like Donald Trump to oversee the industry that decides who lives and dies? The reason we don’t give power to the federal government is because, with all of that power, they become too big to be held accountable.

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