Presidential Policy Analysis: Trump on Guns

In the second iteration of my series on Presidential policies, We’re going to tackle president Trump’s Stance on gun rights and gun violence. We picked a part of Biden’s policy, it’s only fair to do it for President Trump. For the previous article, I used Joe Biden’s website as a source, where he has all of his major plans and policies laid out. In 2016, the President had a page dedicated to his positions on all of the major issues. Unfortunately for me, he didn’t repeat that practice; however, he does have a section called “Promises Kept”, which contains a record of his successes and accomplishments from the past four years.

When scrolling on through Promises Kept, you’ll find numerous subjects ranging from border security to economic growth. You’ll see listed accomplishments for national security and regulation, immigration and foreign policy. What you won’t find is any mention of President Trump’s success in fighting for the Second Amendment. There isn’t a single mention of gun rights on the page, and that’s kind of indicative of how the topic has been viewed by the administration. This administration, while not actively suppressing gun rights, has done nothing to improve the status of the Second Amendment, filing it down, essentially to a non-issue. 

Out of the gate in 2016, we all knew this wasn’t going to be a typical Republican/Conservative Presidency. Trump ran on a campaign promise of shaking things up. The former Democrat’s rhetoric was geared more toward populism than traditional conservatism, so the lack of 2nd amendment progress isn’t surprising. Still, it’s important to discuss considering it’s a top issue for many conservatives and libertarians. 

To his credit, the President has completely resisted the urge to support a ban on semi-automatic weapons or increased background checks. This may be because he truly doesn’t support those ideas, or he knows trying to appeal to liberals, at this point, is a lost cause. Only God and Trump knows his true intention, but he’s not budging. Going against him, is his repeated support of Red flag Laws. As I’ve said before, The idea that we should preemptively take guns off of crazy people sounds good, but is bad policy in practice. These laws can be used to take advantage of people, who don’t deserve to have their rights taken away. It also has no regard for the Constitution. You simply cannot restrict a Constitutional right without due process.

The President has also done nothing to liberate the 2nd amendment. There is, or at least there should be, a reasonable expectation that a conservative president will not only stop further gun regulation but also work to pullback on some of the Unconstitutional regulations on firearms ownership from administrations of the past. It has been a Libertarian and Conservative policy that every citizen has the right to own any weapon they wish, as long as they aren’tt a criminal or an idiot. Yet, no substantial attempts have been made to repeal the machine gun ban or allow non-violent offenders to purchase and own firearms. 

This all points to a greater issue. The war over the 2nd amendment is being lost. Every day anti-gun politicians and voters are chipping away at your right to bear arms. “Shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed; however, the Constitution and the requirement for a Constitutional Amendment is being completely ignored. While the President hasn’t made it much worse, he has done absolutely nothing to fight back.

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