The Threat of Mail-In Ballots

Here’s a shocker. The President of the United States tweeted something stupid today. If there’s anything that can create some nonpartisanship, it would be the agreement that he does that alot. What’s not a point of agreement is acknowledging exactly which tweets are stupid. Do not fear, I am here to enlighten you. Bright and early this morning, our Commander in Chief tweeted out his normal anti-mail in ballot vote. Would’ve been a normal news day, except that in this tweet, the president called for a delay in the election. 

Now, there are numerous reasons to not do this, and you would think most would agree. The election is predetermined to occur on the first Tuesday of November. Tradition is important but not important enough to not be adjusted during a pandemic, so why is it a big deal? The question is fair. For the people, who may be less politically affluent, it seems like a compromise. The Republican’s don’t want mail-in ballots; the Democrats don’t want to send people to vote in a pandemic. Why not just push it back a few weeks? Those of us, who’ve seen these types of games before, are much more skeptical, and only a look into the intentions as to why this is being presented can give us the truth. Let’s ignore, for a moment, that the President isn’t trailing in the polls, and wouldn’t benefit from a few extra weeks of campaigning. There are certain benefits that the republicans enjoy from the lack of mail-in voting. 

First, we need to dispel any myths that mail-in ballots create fraud. They do not. I could give you statistics on voter fraud being almost negligible with the use of mail in ballots. I could also explain how the electoral college checks that sort of thing. I won’t go into all of that; because I don’t need to. Instead, I’ll just show you a screenshot of the tweet.

Do you see the problem? I’ll give you a hint. The first person to explain the difference, in regards to fraud, between an absentee ballot and a mail-in ballot gets a gold star. The truth is there is no difference between absentee ballots and mail-in ballots that make either less susceptible to fraud, but the President has clearly stated that absentee = good and mail-in = bad. Why would he lie? 

The full answer would require a joint peer review essay in the Economist and Psychology Today. The simple answer is for political purposes. The truth is Republicans have been unpopular in this nation for a long time. The last time a brand new republican candidate (one that was not the incumbent) won both the election and the popular vote was George H.W. Bush in 1988. He would go on to be a single term president. Sixteen years later, his son would win the only popular election a republican has won in the last 30 years, riding off of the momentum of 9/11 and the early victories in Afghanistan from his first term. 

What does any of this have to do with mail-in ballots. Well, the Republican Party knows they’re not popular. A Lot of their party faithful have become Libertarians, and the younger generations mostly vote democrat or don’t vote. Over the years, they’ve become very adept with political strategy. Mail-in ballots are part of that strategy. 

Mail-in ballots lead to higher voter turnout, and higher voter turnout leads to unpredictability. We can’t be sure how these new voters would vote, but the consensus is that they would mostly vote Democrat. Do you see it now?

Already trailing in the polls, the President doesn’t want to add more uncertainty to his campaign, because there is no way that it helps him. Everyone voting for Donald Trump is going out to vote for Donald Trump. There’s no fence sitters, who might sit this one out, when it comes to supporting 45. Any addition to the electorate will only lead to a larger disparity between him and the former Vice President. He knows there’s no risk of fraud, and he knows he’s in trouble. He’s using voter fraud as an excuse to suppress the ballot. I should make it clear I am no supporter of the Democratic Party. I am fundamentally opposed to almost everything that they stand for, and believe they’ve been abusing the American people for the past 50 years. Despite that, it looks like they’re gonna take this one, and the President is scared.

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